At 8:30 this morning my daughter Jill called and asked if I would write a few words for her blog.

“You were there when I started Mom – your candor is part of me; by the way I need it today”.

My beautiful, bright funny daughter is an artist. She is filled with passion and enthusiasm; will use three long words instead of one short one; will tell you your outfit is great, but, a scarf and different shoes would make it perfect! She’ll tell you that carrots and lettuce are really better for you than the cheese cake and halvah you are buying.

Jill will try to push you to a higher level. Things you thought you could never do you suddenly find yourself trying. At first you’re annoyed at yourself for allowing this persistent person to talk you into something new and different, but as you work on it, you are suddenly smiling, suddenly feeling so much better about what you are accomplishing.

I don’t have Jill’s artistic talent or her vocabulary. Did she get her candor from me? Well, I suppose so, but it’s really for your own good!

My dear daughter, I’m very proud of you and love you very much.


Mom with baby Jill

Mom with teenage Jill

Mom and Jill now