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Raw Candor

FEATURED: Raw Guests

The REVEAL category posts the contributions of Raw guests. I’m honored that guest writers and artists unpack their personal narratives on Raw Candor.
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Scary Story – Steve Williams

I launched Raw Candor to tell the story of my family. The traumatic loss and separation my three daughters and I suffered when I lost a custody battle was something we kept secret. Read more »


Forever Lasting – Evo Love

Evo Love – An appropriate last name. A perfect last name. If you are in Evo’s heart, you are in her heart forever.  Jill Slaughter Read more »


Abortion Recommended

Lisa and I met at a conference where I heard her speak.  She’s informative and passionate. I sensed she had a story to share and invited her to write Raw. On Lisa’s Facebook page she describes herself as “I am thankful.” It began with this story. Read more »


Runs in My Blood – Lauren Walter-Rozells

Lauren shares an apartment with my daughter J.Lucy in Eugene Oregon . They are perfect room mates. Dedicated to each other’s well-being and happiness, respectful of each other’s privacy. Read more »


Is There Something You Didn’t Want to Talk About When You Were Growing Up – Sybil McCarthy Hadfield

Sybil is one of the women that stood in front of me to protect me, and stood behind me to have my back. This is just a small part of her story. I love her.


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