The Raw Ring

The Four Sided Ring designed by Jill Slaughter intentionally exposes the skin of the person wearing it. The space typically reserved for a stone, is instead left open to invite the wearer to see themselves as the jewel, confirming that they’re the valuable and precious entity. Wearing The Four Sided Ring creates an Open Space. Open Mind. Open Heart. and Open Endings.

Submit a photo wearing the ring so we can see what self-love looks like. For submission guidelines, see here.

Sizing Instructions

For the most accurate sizing, please have your middle finger measured with a WIDE BAND sizer at your local jeweler.

When two sizes seem to fit always go with the larger one. Rings are sterling silver. Custom sizes available. Each ring is custom made. All sales are final. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Home Measuring Tutorial

Price: $149.99