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Dear jill,

Thank you for the laughter. I find that you have given me the opportunity to escape the madness that is my life and relish the beauty that you live.

If you would have told me that someone would ever call my life beautiful I wouldn’t have believed it, not for a million dollars. I launched Raw Candor because I have three daughters that are watching me. After a brutal divorce, albeit a long time ago, the residue of bitterness was not entirely gone, and I didn’t want bitterness to be my legacy.

Raw Candor has almost 1400 hits in less than a week. I write about ordinary things, and believe that my voice has resonated as if anyone is speaking. I am humbled and grateful, and am so happy that I am able to make all of us laugh. I never thought I would recover from my past, but I have, and my daughters are watching.

“THIS IS AWESOME! sososo proud! xoxoxox love you” – Zazu, my youngest daughter, age 17.



ROCK ON MOM. KEEP ME POSTED.” J. Lucy, my oldest daughter, age 21

My middle daughter Dixie and I spoke on the phone. She feels the same way about Raw… as her sisters do. She is 19.

My daughters resting in front of painting "Sadly the Wedding Was Perfect"

Dixie and Zazu relaxing in my bedroom during visit to Florida

J. Lucy - high school graduation in Los Angeles

J. Lucy - high school graduation in Los Angeles hugging Mom