My natal family has provided me with emotional and financial support throughout my life, and my long term marriage provided an enviable life-style. But I never felt as though I had anything that couldn’t be either taken away, or controlled by someone else until I began to make an impression on people with my work.

As both a writer and painter I’m hyper-focused on the unvarnished truth about ordinary circumstances. After seeing my paintings, time after time strangers that visited my studio shared stories with me about their own pockmarked lives. It was their truthful sharing of long held secrets, which proved to me that everyone has a story to tell. Emboldened by their honesty, I chose to reveal my personal history and launch Raw Candor.

Exposing my imperfections encouraged people to loosen the grip of apprehension they had about sharing their shortcomings. The Raw Candor community offers strength and support to anyone willing to unveil the story they thought might have kept them separate from us all. I’d be honored if you’d share your narrative with us. To read posts of previous Raw guests please visit:

Raw Submissions Guidelines:

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  • Profanity not accepted
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