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Raw Candor
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It’s Never Black and White

Andrea Askowitz (one of the co-producers of Lipservice) heard me read Raw at a Miami venue, and suggested I submit a story for the upcoming show. It would showcase stories about “Culture Clash.” Interfaith, interracial true stories, out loud. Read more »

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The Last Laugh

The girls came peeling down the hallway. It was the time of night that could have been morning. The house was moving and shaking. I comforted my two-year old and four-year old daughters, and protected my belly. Zazu was in there. Read more »

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Live Raw

“Mama, I can’t wait that long.” My plaintive voice convinced the nurse to schedule an appointment for me. I was bumped from April to yesterday. Read more »

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Our Love, Our Existence – Zachary Mayer

Introduction – Jill Slaughter

My beloved oldest daughter J.Lucy has been perched on the highest most craggy precipice watching, staying out of the line of fire. Observant, astute, fiercely loyal, and loving. Read more »

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A Black Wedge of Love

Just the right height, and the exact color I was looking for. Seemed so perfect, designed beautifully, but ultimately structurally weak. Read more »

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