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Raw Candor
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…This Is Only A Test

There was nothing to cushion the blow when I slammed into a bank of hand-crafted wooden cabinets in his kitchen. Wrapped in bandages, attached to a pump which incrementally dripped medication to alleviate the pain caused by my surgery, the man I was involved with for more than two years grabbed me and threw me across the room. His grip was as fierce as an adolescent dog which refuses to release a child’s stuffed toy from its saliva dripping mouth. Read more »

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Create Like a God, Command Like a King, Work Like a Slave – Sexton Garcia

She uses her high society influence to mold a new reality for the once farm boy. She shakes the proverbial mud from his boots and sends him off to medical school. As society would dictate, they marry and spend the next 4 decades playing house. Read more »

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Dominick gave Sharon gifts. Peeps at Easter, chocolate hearts for Valentines Day, and on her birthday “gold” jewelry that turned her skin green. They were the kinds of presents girls got in elementary school. The boy I liked gave me my first cigarette. Read more »

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My sisters and I are Irish Triplets. Born to the same mother within three years of each other. We have a strong family resemblance. Big light-colored eyes, small noses, full lips. My paternal extended family shared these same beautiful features, and my mother is beautiful. Read more »

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I Want To Be Beautiful

Introduction  – Jill Slaughter

Maru volunteered at Heartcamp. She was not a speaker at the conference.  Our shared experiences were unpacked at the end of the day in an ordinary hotel meeting room. And then Maru stood and unleashed her unvarnished soul. The audience listened in stilled silence. Bravo. Read more »

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