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Raw Candor
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You Can’t Unhear a Song

There were no wedding planners when I was enmeshed in planning my wedding. My mother fulfilled that role, and like any mother it was her primordial desire to ensure my happiness as a bride. Read more »

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Candid Thoughts of Natasha Tsakos

Natasha Tsakos is a conceptual director, idea generator and magnificent performer. Below are her candid thoughts. Read more »

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Collaboration is the New Black

Someone is always dominant. On occasion I have been in that position, but usually not. Read more »

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My Uncle Was Howard Zinn

Soldiers raped the women and killed the men in the small Eastern European towns that my grandparents lived in. Read more »

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The Driver: Driven by Renda Writer

Shortly after meeting Renda Writer I invited him to write Raw. What followed were emails and instant messages to hammer out the details of his submission. Read more »

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