Growing up in New York, Jill’s iconoclastic character set her apart from her loving, but conventional family.

Feeling stranded in Brooklyn as a young artist, she mentally warehoused childhood experiences as reference, and left what she viewed as small-town USA as soon as she could.

As a painter Slaughter drew upon her own melodramas as the central theme of her work. Detailed paintings thinly veiled images of her personal life, prompting endless questions. After answering intimate queries countless times, she launched Raw Candor to write honestly about things which haunted her.

Jill has three daughters. She and her children lived through an experience which forever changed their lives, and which they all kept secret. Not wanting her girls to grow into womanhood ashamed of telling their truth, she hoped that by sharing her story, they would be free of theirs.

She is Always candid. Always truthful. Sometimes funny.

The details are hers, but everyone has a story. Share your experience. Click below for Raw submission guidelines:

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