Nobody knows why a relationship works, but everyone knows when it doesn’t. Much like Tolstoy
said “Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” So many
relationships begin based on attraction, but ultimately a person’s physical appearance loses its
appeal. Sometimes they’re a match, often not.

The couple in Yesterday didn’t end their relationship overnight; they slowly, almost imperceptibly
became distant from one another. The delicate flower behind the Humpty Dumpty couldn’t
withstand the climate it lived in and subsequently dissolved, much like the imaginary couple in
the painting.

Regardless of perfect image I found myself perpetuating in my day to day life, I painted the
anguished couple in Yesterday as a reflection of the life I actually lived. It wasn’t intentional, but
when so many people asked me if the blond woman was me, I knew I had painted what I felt.

d-Raw what you live, even if you’re not an artist. We’ll know what you’re trying to say.